What is Pipe Roofing Method?

Pipe Roofing Method is a method where interlocking steel pipes are installed to form a support system before an underground construction (e.g. a tunnel) is excavated. This method stabilizes the ground to minimize settlement and ground movement. This method has been widely applied for tunnel excavation with shallow earth cover. It is also used as a countermeasure against slope collapse, uneven earth pressure, and ground collapse, etc.


We use Unclemoles, our slurry-type tunnel boring machines, to form pipe roofs. Unclemoles make it possible to form longer pipe roofs under different conditions (e.g. deeper earth cover).


Unclemole Pipe Roofing Method


TBMs Applicable for Pipe Roofing Method


・Unclemole Super

・Unclemole Shuttlemole

Projects from the Past

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