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In the 70's sewerage network in Japanese towns and cities were few and far between.The need was therefore to install sewerage infrastructure whilst minimizing disruption to daily life in one of the world's most densely populated countries,to meet this end trenches solution were sought for installation of the networks.

​Mr. Yoshihito Kurose the founder of Iseki Polytech Inc. decide to study solutions to the unique problems of installing sewage infrastructure in the crowded Japanese
urban configurations. He identified that the equipment which was to be designed should have the widest range of application and it had to be able to cope with
wide-ranging soil conditions.He chose a slurry system as the basis point  of
development for this reason.

​What is Unclemole

We are selling many Iseki pipe jacking machines including Unclemole all over the world for installation of various underground pipes/cables in underground is growing due to the rapid urban development in recent years.
This department promotes laying pipeline for sewer, water and
cable to establish a safe and affluent society.


and equipment 

We will consult the construction conditions and propose the optimum machine and equipment.

Proposal of UNCLEMOLE

Machines.tailored to your request are perfected and delivered to the customer on time.

We dispatch supervisors and maintenance instructors to support safe and quick construction.

Operation instruction and
maintenance support

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